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Welcome to Players Performance Institute

Reach Your True Potential

For more than 10 years, Players Performance Institute has been transforming the lives of athletes within the metro Atlanta area and beyond. Here, athletes are considered players — players in life, in health and in sport. Players with preventative, corrective, and/or performance based goals on the junior, collegiate, amateur or professional levels can benefit from our unique and specialized approach.

Simply stated, we focus on identifying road blocks inhibiting a player’s performance based on scientifically and clinically based core truths and understandings (principles), the plans of action necessary to remove these impediments (strategies) and the physical exercises/activities known to restore and enhance performance based on those findings (techniques). MAT™, a specialized approach that quickly identifies the underlying causes of performance issues, is one of several leading-edge methods of enhancing performance. For more information check out our unique and specialized Services & Techniques

By implementing these modern exercises into their practice, athletes have revolutionized their abilities, taking their performance from good to best. For players, Players Performance Institute is an undeniable asset. While our proven track record for sports-related preventative, corrective and developmental needs sets us apart from the field, these gains have been recognized by other industry professionals as well, enabling us the opportunity to work in tandem with chiropractors, physical therapists, medical doctors, and other fitness and medical professionals. 

Curious to know how we can help? Please email us or call 678-679-3797. Our team is happy to answer any questions you might have.

Players Performance Institute